How to reset Windows 8 password with few simple ways

lost Windows password?

So you forgot Windows 8 sign-in password and now your computer is locked? No worries, we will present you a few simple ways to reset bypass Windows 8 password. If Windows 8 refuses to accept your password at the logon screen this short guide is for you. With our tricks you will reset your Windows 8 password in no time! Your case is not special, people forget their passwords all the time.

Method 1: KON-BOOT TOOL (fastest way)

With Kon-Boot you can bypass practically any Windows password including Windows 8 password. This tool can bypass your forgotten Windows 8 password in seconds and let you log into your locked Windows system. With Kon-Boot you don't have to waste time, you simply boot your computer from USB / CD and voila you are logged in without any password!

Read more about KON-BOOT here.

install kon-boot to usb pendrive

To use Kon-Boot:
  1. Run Kon-Boot installer, pick your USB device and click Install to USB
  2. Boot your locked machine with this media
  3. You should see KON-BOOT logo during boot (if not go to your BIOS SETUP and set the first boot option to USB)
  4. Wait for Windows to load
  5. Pick your locked account, type any password and press ENTER
  6. Kon-Boot has bypassed your password and you are logged into your Windows 8 system!

Check the video below and see how fast KON-BOOT bypasses Windows 8 password:

windows 8 password bypass with kon-boot

Method 2: Windows Password Hints

Typically when you are setting a user password on Windows 8, you are asked to provide a hint to help you remember your Windows 8 password. Password hint will appear if you try to log in with the wrong password a couple of times. Sometimes such hints let people remember the forgotten password.

windows 8 password hint

Method 3: Password reset disk

If you can log in to a different Windows 8 account you can create a Windows password reset disk. With this disk you can reset your forgotten password. Obviously the only problem with this method is that you either need to have access to this computer (like through a different account) or you need to create this password reset disk before you actually forgot the password. Which makes this feature kinda hard to use.

Windows 8 password reset disk is a feature provided by Microsoft in order to allow users to reset Windows 8 passwords. You typically create such reset disk to your USB thumb drive and store it in secure location till it's needed.

To create the password reset disk:

  1. Open the old Control Panel using the search box, and then pick User Accounts.
  2. Click the Create a password reset disk option
  3. Password Wizzard window will appear, follow the instructions displayed on the screen

how to create windows 8 password reset disk

Once you've created a password reset disk, you can use it the next time you lose your Windows 8 password. So if you want to reset your password using Windows 8 password reset USB, follow these steps:

  • After you enter an incorrect password, Windows 8 will show a "Reset password" link, just like on the image below:
  • windows 8 reset password link
  • Make sure your created USB is plugged in and click the Reset password button; password wizard window should appear; click next to proceed.
  • Pick your USB flash drive from the drop-down list ("The password key disk is in the following drive")
  • Now you'll need to create a new password and, and a new password hint. See image below:
  • password reset disk wizard
  • After everything is done, click "FINISH".
  • Great, now you have reset your Windows 8 password. Now you can reboot and log in with your new password.

Method 4: Use Microsoft reset service

You can try resetting your account's password by using the official Microsoft service (available here: Microsoft password reset). On Microsoft website you will have three options. Follow the I Forgot My Password link. As presented on the image below:

microsoft tool reset microsoft account

You will need to go through a few verification steps. As Microsoft needs to know whether you are in fact the account owner. Anyway if you registered your email address or a cell phone number to this account you will receive a verification code. This verification code you will later use to reset your Windows 8 account. As presented below:

microsoft password reset service
microsoft password reset service verification code