How to bypass Windows password without resetting or changing the current password

lost Windows password?

Have you forgotten your Windows password and need to login to Windows without changing or deleting the current password? Brute force attack is time consuming and probably will not work to find out your password. In this guide we'll present you a simple way to quickly bypass Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP password without changing or resetting the password. Entire bypassing process will be done in seconds!


Kon-Boot is a tool that bypasses Windows password and allows you to login to Windows without changing, knowing or deleting your current password. Kon-Boot tool is unique, it bypasses Windows passwords instead of cracking the password which makes it extremely fast. The password bypass procedure doesn't overwrite your old password and make any permanent changes to your files. It just allows you to log in into your password protected computer without the correct password. Pure magic!

Below you can check a video tutorial (click on the image to load) showing how to instantly bypass Windows password with KON-BOOT tool:

how to bypass windows 10 password with kon-boot

In order to create KON-BOOT USB:

  1. Download KON-BOOT Installer and install to USB pendrive of choice
  2. how to install kon-boot to USB
  3. Insert the created USB drive into your locked computer and boot from it. Make sure you've changed the boot priority within the BIOS so the USB drive is the first boot option.
  4. Follow instructions presented on the screen
  5. Wait for Windows system to load, pick user account (the one with Windows password you want to bypass), put any password and press ENTER
  6. Voila, you have successfully bypassed your Windows password!

You can try KON-BOOT HERE

Solution 2: Create new Windows admin account without logging in

Resetting a lost password manually can be hard work. If you want to access a locked PC without modifying any existing user (ie. changing the user password), the best way is to create a new administrator account before logging in to Windows. This approach is also helpful when your user profile is damaged or no users show at the login screen.

In this solution we will try to utilize the Ease of Access trick to create a new administrator account. With this account you will be able to access your locked computer.

  • Power on your computer, wait until you see the Windows logo. Then hold down the power button to force the hardware to turn off. Turn it on again, Windows should detect a problem and you should be greeted by the screen below:
windows preparing automatic repair loading
Click Advanced Options button, as shown below:
windows automatic repair options
  • From the menu pick: Advanced options. Next navigate to Troubleshoot, Advanced options, and finally to System Image Recovery.
windows advanced recovery options
windows pick a system image backup
  • Click Cancel, afterwards click on Next.
  • On the next screen, select Advanced and next Install a driver. Now Confirm with OK. Now Explorer window should appear
  • On the left side of the screen, choose This PC
  • Open up the main C:\ drive
windows add drivers

  • Pick the Windows directory, then pick System32, and afterwards scroll down until you find the file named utilman.
  • Right-click on that file, pick Rename, and rename it to whatever you like, such as Utilmanpassword. Note the name for later
windows utilman replace file

  • Now scroll up until you find the cmd file.
  • Copy this file (click on it, then use CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combination). File should be copied.
  • Now rename the original cmd file to utilman (to the previous file name noted from previous steps).
windows utliman replacement file

  • Huh, finally this should be all. You can now close all windows and choose Exit and continue to Windows 10.
  • After a short moment you should see the typical Windows 10 login screen.
  • Now Click on the Ease of Access button, command prompt window should appear (this is because we have replaced the Utliman utility with the windows console application - this will let us to reset the forgotten Windows 10 password)
windows utilman console cmd (console window)
  • Type following command in the newly arrived window:
net user JohnUser /add
net localgroup administrators JohnUser /add
  • Command you typed should add JohnUser user account to this locked Windows system and also make it a member of the Administrator group. Please note that administrators group name may be different depending on your Windows language.
  • Good work, you have successfully added a new local administrator account to your Windows system.
  • Finally, reboot your computer and you can then log in to your Windows computer with this newly created admin account.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and we guided you through the all options of bypassing your Windows 10 password. If you value your time you should let KON-BOOT bypass Windows password in seconds so you don't have to worry about all this manual work and tricks.